Increase Your Adsense Revenue

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Want your Google adsense revenue to increase? Want to start receiving checks in the thousands, maybe tens of thousands? Then add value to the internet.

Do not hit the “back” button. I am not writing a “puff piece” nor am I a softy who feels people should just write about what they like and the money will come.

The opposite could not be more true.

In all reality the topics you may know about may not be profitable from an internet marketing standpoint. You may know about a subject that either a) has no significant search volume or b) the adsense revenue that could be generated from those keywords is too small to be worth it to you.

Its the boring keywords that pay the best. Having said that you need to research, understand, and get to fully know the topic you are talking about. You should be somewhat of an expert after several months of writing about it.

I have made sites that add little to no value to the internet and I have made sites that were very useful to people. Guess which ones generate more money? The ones where I wrote generic content and did not fully research what I was writing about made peanuts.

Honestly, I do not have a clue how Google knows but they know. Maybe the bounce rate has something to do with it. They figure if a person stays a couple minutes then the content on the site must be somewhat user, exciting, or eye catching. However they do it their “bot” can detect when a website gives users little value other then being a portal to adsense ads. Sure Google gets paid but their users have a bad experience and trust their search engine less because it lead them there. Enough experiences like that and Google will be where Yahoo is today after having the majority of the market share just ten years ago.

I promise that the more useful information you add to the web the better it will be. One of the sites that make me the most money is one I put a lot of time and effort into. I looked up information, interviewed people who were actually in that industry, and spend hours making just one blog post. Google rewarded me by the number one spot for that term. After I gained a little steam I also started getting backlinks without even trying. A PR5 and PR4 site wrote a review about me and that pushed me to the top where I have been for a year now.

Ask yourself what you would feel about the content you just wrote. Would you learn something from it? Would you gain anything at all from it? Is their any value to what you have just put on the net? If the answer is no then you need to reexamine how you are trying to make adsense revenue. You are looking at it from a short term perspective.

Google loves it when publishers make money with adsense. Their official blog lists ones who have done so. Some of these guys are seeing adsense checks in the tens of thousands! But they are not going to let millions of people scam their system and cheat their users. All those guys who are making the big bucks have a website that people like, get a lot of traffic, and add value in some way. They get tens of thousands of visitors and at least 5% of them click on ads.

Want to start a website on bricks? Spend hours learning about bricks. Go talk to a brick maker and a brick layer.

Want to start a website about laptop power cords? Thoroughly research them. Go to a computer store and ask the people there for their opinions. What about a website informing people about tiki torches that includes where to buy them, their benefits and what fuel they use? Go to Home Depot, Lowes, or actually order some up yourself.

Make a valuable website. That is the only way to build a sustainable and large amount of adsense revenue.


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Making Money from Your Website with Google AdSense

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